Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Now 23, I wanna be...

My 22nd year was an absolute blast. It had its bumps and ditches along the way but getting over them and climbing out of them was all worth it.

I conquered many fears, and overcame many doubts.

I climbed to the top of both literal and figurative mountains and inhaled the dizzying breath of fresh air as I looked down and laughed in the face of the uphill battle.

I learned what it means to love. What it means to trust. What it means to look past flaws and mistakes and hold onto and cherish the gems within... and never let go.

I vowed to stop running away. To plant my feet firmly and face the giants that stand before me.

I became graciously aware of my worth...  that I was someone that could be loved, could be pursued - rendering a most unfamiliar confidence that bolsters my gait and brings my heart so much peace.

So what of 23?
It's time to really put into practice what I've come to understand so deeply during 22. To look into the distance and map out the Mount Everests that still dot the landscape... while clinging to Jesus and counting on Him for every breath that I breathe, every step forward that I take. Firmly believing that in Him, my soul is most free, most complete, most satisfied.


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